The NEW RCC360K Catch Can Kit has all the great features of the RCC360 plus all the necessary filters, brackets and connectors to complete installation.


Development Story of RCC360

The team at Ryco are constantly striving to make innovative improvements the Ryco 4x4 Upgrade Kit range. Since releasing our first Catch Can, we’ve constantly been studying the market
and improving our product offering. These innovative products are designed and tested in Australia to meet the harshest and most rigorous Australian conditions.

The NEW Ryco RCC360 Catch Can is a culmination of the advances in technology, customer feedback and technical knowledge providing 4x4 owners with the confidence that when they push their 4x4 to the limit, it will, be Ryco Ready.

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What We've Learnt Since Introducing The RCC350 Back in 2018

We’ve found that Catch Cans are fitted to a huge variety of engines, with some engine’s blowing through Catch Cans, whilst others even suck through the Catch Can.

Different engines produce vastly difference PCV gas volumes which are affected or caused by many variances such as engine wear, modifications, driving style or usages such as towing or off-roading.

Finally, we’ve found owners usually under-service their Catch Can filters, therefore it’s important that a Catch Cans flow capacity when blocked is extremely important.



The RCC360 Features:

  • Internal Bypass
  • Service indicator to show you when it is time to change you filter
  • Upper outlet position prevents contamination returning into the engine
  • Removes contaminants down to 1 micron in size from crankcase emissions
  • Suitable for petrol and turbo diesel engines with positive and negative crankcase ventilation
  • Increased efficiency and lower restriction with larger filter element
  • No external relief valve, no leaks when the unit is full or has a blocked filter
  • Flexible 360-degree mounting - extending the range and orientation of mounting options
  • Larger 12mm diameter drain hose connected to a quick connect fitting for convenience (Increased from 8mm to 12mm)
  • Simpler, more robust and higher flowing drain ‘tap’ with quick connect plug
  • Improved serviceability utilising quick connect elbow fitting which enables quick disconnection and 360-degree swivelling
  • 290ml sump capacity for longer drain intervals
  • Tested to ISO17536 and Ryco Specification TS17
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Unique RYCO Catch Can Service Indicator 

We’ve Made Maintenance Simple By Incorporating A Service Indicator.


  • We’ve enhanced user experience by providing more visibility to the customer on service intervals for servicing and filter element replacement
  • Along the journey, Ryco has learned that every vehicle and driver combinations is different, and you cannot predict the blowby that each individual vehicle will produce. This is why we have incorporated a NEW Service Indicator
  • The NEW Service Indicator makes Catch Can maintenance simple. When the service indicator continues to be raised after compression it is time to replace the filter element.
  • The filter element for the NEW RCC360 Catch Can, is the NEW RYCO RCC160F


RCC360 Designed to be Simple, Robust and Offer High Flow and Good Sealing


  • Quick connects allow the drain hose to be disconnected from the Catch Can if the unit needs to be removed from the vehicle
  • Larger diameter 12mm hose provides faster draining
  • Transparent hose allows the user to easily see how much oil is left in the system to drain
  • Simple quick connect plugs provide an excellent seal and simple operation
  • To drain, just pinch the buttons and remove the plug just like a regular quick connect connection. Push the plug back onto the quick connector once the system draining is complete to re-seal the drain hose system.
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RCC360K Kit comes complete with all the necessary filters, brackets and connectors to complete the installation* Except PCV Hoses*


RFA360 Catch Can Bracket Adaptor


  • The RFA360 Catch Can bracket adaptor is required when upgrading from a Provent 200 Catch Can to a Ryco RCC360 Catch Can
  • The bracket ensure the upgrade process can be completed in a matter of minutes
  • The bracket enables the Ryco Catch Can to be easily mounted to the existing Provent mounting points
  • For NEW Ryco Catch Can installations we recommend the complete RCC360K universal installation kit
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RCC160F Replacement Filter


  • RCC160F Repalcement Filter for RCC360 Catch Can prevents crankcase gases from contaminating engine air intake components, reducing efficiency and leading to expensive maintenance 
  • Upper outlet location stops contamination flowing back into the engine
  • Large sump capacity allows for longer drain intervals
  • Removes other contaminants from crankcase emissions down to 1micron
  • Easy to install, versatile orientation of inlet & outlet ports. Easy removal from mounting bracket for inspection and draining

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