Fuel Water Separators

Fuel water separators provide additional ‘pre-fuel filter’ protection for standard fuel filters in diesel delivery systems, removing water and contaminants from the fuel.

Ryco’s Fuel Water Separator; your diesel engine's lifesaver 

Although most containments are removed during the refining process, every time diesel or petrol is moved into and out of a transport rig, service station storage tanks, and finally our vehicles - contaminants and moisture are absorbed by the fuel. Read the full article to understand the additional protection a fuel water separator will provide your vehicles, so you can be Ryco Ready.


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Best Practices for Fitment 

When installing a Fuel Water Separator to your vehicle, it’s important to consider its installation location. The Fuel Water Separator is best installed within the engine bay due to the space and protection offered underneath the bonnet. Installing your Fuel Water Separator in your engine also allows for easy access when viewing and draining the water trap.  

Fuel Water Separators are designed to be fitted as a series installation. This involves fitting the separator unit in-line with the OEM fuel filter. In this type of installation, the fuel must pass through the Fuel Water Separator and OEM fuel filter before it reaches fuel delivery components such as the injectors to ensure only clean fuel reaches the engine.  

The Ryco Fuel Water Separator comes equipped with a 10-micron (Nominal at 99% efficiency) rated fuel filter. This allows the filter to catch 99% of the microbial bugs, dirt, or other particle matter down to a size of 10 microns. 


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Pre or Post-OEM Filter? 

When installed, the Fuel Water Separator acts as your fuel system's first line of defense against contaminants. For this reason, the separator unit must be installed before the OEM fuel filter. This allows the Fuel Water Separator to catch larger particulates and moisture before it reaches the OEM filter, effectively lightening its workload and allowing it to operate more efficiently.  

Installing your Fuel Water Separator before the OEM filter also works to protect and extend the life of your OEM fuel filter by preventing bacteria growth and corrosion of the OEM filter media as well as preventing any emulsified water from entering the OEM filter.  

If installed after the OEM filter, this may open you to issues such as filter blockage, which in turn may result in more frequent changes and more extreme cases, even engine power loss.  


Fuel Water Separators pre-filter fuel before it gets to the standard filter and provides added protection by removing more contaminants and water prior to the standard filter


R2132UA Fuel Water Separator solution for inboard and outboard engine applications. Suitable for diesel, petrol, and pre-mix fuels.


R2721UA Fuel Water Separator is suitable for diesel fuels, and low pressure or gravity-fed bulk storage tanks in agricultural construction and stationary engine applications.


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Bluetooth Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit

Available Now

Long gone are the days of scheduling unnecessary fuel water separator inspections. Traditionally fuel water separators rely on a visual inspection of the bowl and draining when full. With the NEW Ryco S102XK Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit, simply log into the Ryco Connect App or let the Ryco Bluetooth Sensor Indicator let you know when it’s time to drain the unit. All of this adds an extra layer of protection for your diesel engine’s sensitive fuel system.

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