RCA164M Ryco N99 MicroShield Cabin Air Filter

Ryco N99 MicroShield are the ultimate in-vehicle air purification against biological contaminants for passengers

  • Ryco N99 MicroShield Cabin Air Filters incorporate medical grade media technology to filter out virus and bacteria from the air flow.
  • The MicroShield media is comprised of three layers. 1. pre-filter with anti viral agent, 2. Activated carbon (odour barrier) & 3. Electrostatically charged layer for optimum particle filtration.
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents within the media eliminate virus and bacterial from the air flow and stops them growing in the filter once trapped.
  • Acts as an odour barrier protecting vehicle occupants from harmful exhaust gases and noxious odours
  • Filters particles that are 0.3 micron or greater in size that can penetrate deeper into the respiratory system. That's small when compared to the human hair which is approx. 90 micron.
  • Flame retardant media

Outside Length219.00 mm
Outside Width194.00 mm
Height Overall29.00 mm
Flame Retardant MediaYes

LocationPassenger side, behind glove box
Installation Time15 min
Fitment GuideRCA164M.pdfDownload Fitment Guide

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