RBA101 Ryco Battery Air Filter

Ryco Battery Air Filters protect hybrid vehicle battery systems by filtering and removing dust and contaminants before entering the battery air cooling system, ensuring only clean cool air is supplied to the battery system

  • Ensures the temperature of the battery is kept within tolerance by the vehicle's cooling system
  • A high dust holding capacity prevents contaminants infiltrating the cooling system that cause a build-up of dust and contaminants that affect the cooling system's efficiency
  • A flame retardant synthetic fibre media traps particles reducing the dust build-up in the battery air system, to prevent the battery pack overheating and damaging the battery system
  • Recommended service interval as per the log book service schedule
  • New Vehicle Warranty Protection

Length184.50 mm
Width126.70 mm
Height14.50 mm
Flame Retardant MediaYes

LocationDrivers side, underneath rear passenger seat
Installation Time15 min
Fitment GuideRBA101.pdfDownload Fitment Guide

TOYOTA Prius Hybrid ZVW50R, NHP10R, ZVW40R series (2ZRFXE, 1NZFXE engine) 03/2012 - 05/2022

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