How to Service Your Fuel Water Separator

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When it comes to looking after your 4WD’s diesel engine, fitting a Fuel Water Separator is one of the best upgrades you can perform to encourage trouble-free adventuring for years to come. In a nutshell, the Fuel Water Separator’s job is to remove water and other contaminants from the fuel before it reaches the engine. This becomes especially important when you start off-roading or touring out to rural areas as water and sediment in your fuel becomes a far more likely occurrence. Water and sediment can wreak havoc on a diesel engine’s fuel system, so it’s important do what you can to keep these things at bay. However, just like any other filter on your vehicle, these separators require maintenance to continue effectively providing protection for your diesel engine.

The main thing you’ll want to keep a regular eye on is the bowl located at the bottom of your Fuel Water Separator. This is especially important after any long trips to rural areas. If you notice any water or contaminant in the Fuel Water Separator bowl, you’ll need to drain it. To do this, make sure you have a container ready, and then it’s simply a case of loosening the black tap on the bottom of the clear bowl and draining until it’s empty. The tap itself won’t need to be removed completely to do this

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When it comes to the Fuel Water Separator's filter cartridge, Ryco recommends that you replace it during each of your vehicle's regular fuel filter service intervals. To complete this service, you will need to purchase a replacement Ryco Z980 fuel filter. Once you have the new filter on hand, start by loosening the old filter cartridge from the head of the separator and removing it, making sure to drain any leftover fuel into a small container. Then, remove the fuel bowl from the old filter, change the bottom seal, and refit to the new replacement Ryco Z980 fuel filter. From there, apply a small film of clean oil to the seal of the new filter and re-fit the head of the Fuel Water Separator, tightening to a three-quarter turn after the gasket contacts the mounting pad. Once you’ve reinstalled the Fuel Water Separator into the engine bay, you’ll need to prime the system before starting the vehicle. This process can vary depending on the vehicle, so be sure to check your vehicle’s service manual first.

It’s also important to note that if a large volume of water has entered your fuel tank, your fuel tank may need to be drained or serviced along with your factory fuel filter replaced to ensure that the fuel system is clear of water and contaminants.

Ryco offers vehicle-specific Filtration Upgrade Kits to suit a wide range of 4WDs. For those without one available, Ryco offers the Z980UK Universal Fuel Water Separator kit. Use our Rego and Vin look up to find a vehicle-specific Filtration Upgrade Kits to suit your vehicle today.

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