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When running a business that relies on light commercial trucks, it’s important to keep your fleet in tip-top shape. After all, the last thing you want is for a poorly maintained vehicle to fail out on the job because vehicle downtime means money lost. And the longer your vehicles are down, the more money down the drain. Chances are that your light commercial truck would see quite a lot more mileage than something like an everyday commuter, so more regular maintenance is absolutely essential when it comes to keeping wear and tear at bay. 

The processes behind servicing your light commercial truck are relatively simple. Your light truck relies on regular fluid and filter changes to keep it running healthy. Oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters are all components that need to be replaced regularly. It’s important to use quality products, such as Ryco when dealing with your workhorse, making sure to not exceed your vehicle’s servicing intervals. Ryco offers servicing kits for a wide range of Japanese light commercial vehicles, complete with every filter and plug washer required for a full comprehensive service. 

A couple things on your light commercial trucks that you should pay special attention to are brakes and tyres. Not only are they safety items, but due to the size of your truck, they take a lot more punishment than they would on your everyday vehicle. So, it’s important that you perform regular checks and keep your brakes and tyres in good condition. 

When maintaining your fleet, only the best servicing products will do. And as always, it’s important to make sure you have the right products at hand before jumping into the job. Ryco offers comprehensive servicing kits to suit a wide range of Japanese Light Commercial Vehicles, including manufacturers such as Isuzu, Hino, UD, and Fuso. Our Japanese Light Truck Servicing kits come complete with a Ryco Oil Filter, sump plug washer, Ryco fuel filter, and for select models, a Ryco Air Filter and Ryco PCV Filter. 

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For added protection, Ryco also offer Catch Can kits to suit models such as the ever-popular Isuzu N Series. The Ryco RCK400 Catch Can kit incorporates the latest Australian designed and engineered Ryco catch can, together with specially moulded emission hoses to suit Isuzu N-series chassis and engine layout. Fitting a Ryco Catch Can works to prevent crankcase gases from contaminating air intake components, which in turn prevents carbon buildup that can reduce efficiency and lead to expensive repairs. The Ryco RCK400 Catch Can kit includes all the hardware required for a quick and painless install together with the crankcase filter assembly itself. 

Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your vehicles and reduces vehicle downtime, making it a wise investment. Keep your vehicles and your business running smoothly with Ryco. To find out which of our servicing kits suits your light commercial truck, head to our website at the link below and enter your make and model into our handy vehicle search bar. 

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