Busting Air Filter Myths

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Air, unlike fuel or oil, is the only substance used in a vehicle that is not required to meet quality control standards. This means that the role played by the air filter is an extremely important one. The air filter must remove more foreign particles, dust and other abrasives than any other filter in the vehicle, meaning its role is absolutely vital in maintaining the health of your vehicle’s engine. 

When it comes to choosing the right air filters for your vehicle, there are quite a few things to consider. There are more than a couple of myths out there surrounding air filters, and we’re here to debunk them. 

Myth 1: The filter media is often the same for air filters, regardless of price 

As petrol and diesel engines become more efficient and complex, so does the media used in their filters as they continue to meet the increasing demands of longer service intervals. Media selection is always paramount when developing a new filter, and Ryco takes a rigorous approach to achieve the ideal balance between efficiency, life and flow. 

Regular air filters require a highly specialised dry type media, manufactured with a synthetic or multiple-layered construction with high dust-holding capacity to cater for Australia’s harsh operating conditions. 

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Myth 2: You can’t beat OEM-specific replacements 

Ryco’s design philosophy is to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s performance requirements. We achieve this by utilising Australia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory and stringent testing procedures. 

To meet these requirements, each filter is designed for Efficiency, Life, and Flow. An efficient air filter ensures peak engine performance and long-lasting durability. Long filter life ensures peak performance for the duration of the service interval, and build quality eliminates dirty air by-pass. Excellent flow allows the engine to breathe properly, providing superior power, fuel economy, and lower emissions. 

The result is a product that’s more accessible, and in most cases, more affordable than its OEM equivalent, whilst offering superior quality and performance.   

Myth 3: The quality of your air filter doesn’t affect performance  

A quality air filter allows your engine to breathe by restricting the amount of dirt that is passed into the engine cylinders. Poor quality filters allow more dirt to pass through the filter media and directly into the engine, which can cause premature engine wear and damage. 

Unlike Ryco Air Filters, poor quality air filters aren’t designed or tested to the extremes of the Australian environment. As a result, they’re far less effective at trapping contaminants and protecting your engine than something like a RYCO air filter. As an added benefit, opting for a Ryco Air Filter can also net fuel savings in highway driving conditions. 


Myth 4: Air filters should be replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer service manual 

Here at Ryco, we advise that your vehicle’s air filter be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, Australian operating conditions can be harsh, and the kind of driving conditions that your vehicle is subjected to play a huge role when it comes to service intervals. For instance, if live you in a dusty environment, or take your vehicle off-road, your air filter is going to need more frequent replacement than someone whose car only sees day-to-day city driving. 

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Myth 5: Air filters can just be cleaned out rather than replaced  

Attempting to clean out a disposable air filter with either compressed air or by tapping it out can cause unseen damage. This includes damaging the filter’s structure, deforming the media spores, reducing the actual micron-rated pore size, and displacing media coatings. This, in turn, can lead to reduced efficiency and performance of the filter, as well as introduce the risk of dirt particles entering the engine through damaged filter media and structures. For the risks you run when you attempt to clean a disposable air filter, it’s definitely worth just replacing it when the time comes. 


The importance of your vehicle’s air filter is often underestimated. A vital component to the health and performance of an internal combustion engine, the air filter acts as the lungs of the operation. This is why between. Ryco offers air filters to suit a wide range of vehicles. Visit our Rego/VIN search to match the right Ryco Air Filter to your vehicle. 

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