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Do I need a Fuel Water Separator or Catch Can or both?

Ryco make a wide range of direct bolt-in Fuel Water Separators (FWS) and Catch Can Kits. If we don’t have one for your vehicle just yet then you can buy each product as a Universal Kit. We also suggest getting your local mechanic to do the installation. 

But if you want to do it yourself, first decide what you need, do you want a Fuel Water Separator, a Catch can, or both?  Click the videos below to watch for the next steps! 

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Ryco 4x4 Service Kits

When you leave the road behind, ensure your vehicle is protected, giving you the confidence to push your 4x4 to the limit.

The Ryco 4x4 Service Kits are designed to meet the demanding needs of 4x4 vehicles in the most challenging environments. You can protect your new car warranty by servicing your vehicle with Ryco Filters, delivering superior performance in the 3 critical areas of Efficiency, Life and Flow. 

Ryco 4x4 Service Kits include oil, fuel, air and cabin air filters with an extensive range of 4x4 Service Kits.

Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit

Available Now

The new S102XK Ryco connect fuel water separator kit contains Bluetooth Sensor Module (S100X) and Fuel Water Separator Sensor (S102X) for early detection of water contamination in fuel which wirelessly connects to the Ryco Connect smartphone app or Ryco Bluetooth Sensor Indicator (S101X).



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RCC360 Catch Can

The new RCC360 has been completely engineered to suit most 4x4 engine bays and can be installed as an upgrade if you already have a RCC350, RCC351 or a ProVent 200 Catch Can installed.



RCC360K Catch Can

Ryco’s new RCC360K Catch Can Kit has been meticulously created for vehicles that don't already have a catch can fitted. RCC360K Kit comes complete with all the RCC360 Catch Can, necessary filters, brackets and connectors to complete installation. Once the kit is installed your vehicle will be protected against contaminants that lead to engine damage and decrease performance, giving you the confidence to push your 4x4 to the limit.




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