Transmission Filter Kits

A Whole New Range From Ryco

Ryco automatic transmission filter service kits are designed to maintain vehicle transmission life and keep the transmission operating at optimum levels, efficiently removing contaminants and ensuring clean transmission fluid flows throughout the system.

  • Transmission filters (pan type) are manufactured to create an air tight, non-leak seal
  • Kits are manufactured to Ryco TS14 specification and ISO 9001 standards
  • Gaskets supplied are either a cork composite made of rubber, cork and bonding agents or nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
  • Gasket media is constructed to ensure memory retention for ease of fitment
  • The media construction of the filters is designed around the vehicle’s requirements. Media types include: felt, paper or wire mesh *
  • Ryco transmission filter service kits are supplied ready for installation with the required service components

* Felt Media is composed of synthetic polyester fibres saturated with phenolic resin.
  Paper Media is a combination of man-made and natural fibres saturated with phenolic resins
  Wire Mesh is a non-rust wire mesh screen.