Oil Filters

Protect your engine with Ryco Oil Filters

Oil filters work in a multi-pass system that allows engine oil to continually pass through the filter and remove dirt. A vehicle’s entire oil supply is filtered between four and five times every minute and their function is to allow only clean filtered oil through to the engine.

Ryco oil filters are designed to meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s specification and provide optimal filtration for the specified service interval. Ryco achieve this by measuring the three critical areas of efficiency, life and flow.

There are two styles of Ryco Oil Filter

Spin On oil filters are designed to withstand oil pressure considerably in excess of the highest working oil pressure specified for modern engines that have tighter tolerances and service intervals.

"Eco" or cartridge oil filters are a replaceable element that fits into a reusable housing. This style of filter design is becoming more common with vehicle manufacturers as they attempt to reduce waste.

Inferior oil filters can inhibit oil flow causing high pressure and clog before the service interval and allow unfiltered oil into then engine.