Heavy Duty Benefits


1: Perfect inner seals
Inner seals are made from nitrile rubber to maintain a perfect seal between the heavy plate and element end cap.

2: Maximum oil flow and base strength
Oil inlet holes in the base plate are optimum sized to maximise oil flow and help strengthen the base.

3: High pressure performance without leaks
A moulded nitrile rubber gasket can withstand extremely high pressures and temperatures without leaking.

4: Constant support from high tensile steel spring
A steel tension spring made from high tensile/tempered steel keeps the element constantly loaded against the base plate.

5: Effective sludge control
A stacked disc bypass filter element securely traps sludge-forming particles.

6: Greater water resistance and dust holding from full flow media
Full flow media includes PET (polyethylene terephthalate) for improved water resistance and glass fibres for greater efficiency and strength.

7: Robust louvered centre tube with spiral lock seam
A louvered centre tube with spiral lock seam design maximises flow rate and has greater collapse strength than conventional centre tubes.

8: Special adhesive bonding delivers additional leak proofing
Media is bonded to top and bottom end caps with special adhesive to provide additional leak proofing.

9: Steel can offers superior pressure performance
A heavy-duty can made from quality steel has a rounded dome and corner radius for superior pressure performance. It also has high static resistance and is coated to resist rust and corrosion.

^ Base plate seal retainer to suit severe driving conditions*
A heavy-duty base plate seal retainer can withstand the high surge pressures that occur during cold starts and severe driving conditions.
*Where applicable.