11th December 2015

With the number of cars on the road growing exponentially and our dry climate ceaselessly producing corrosive dusts, let’s face it: the air climate in Australia isn’t getting any clearer or easier on our engines. Ryco Air Filters are among the best in the world, using the foremost in air filter construction and technology that not only saves your vehicle’s engine from unnecessary damage, but also saves you money on fuel.

If you’re an automotive enthusiast then there’s no doubt you’ve used the human body as an analogy of the automobile at some point. We all remember our folks dumbing it down for us when we were young tackers: “Well, Son, like the human body needs food for energy; the car needs fuel to go!”  A simple yet vital lesson, perhaps it was the first that drew the comparison between human and mechanical forms (except for, ‘she goes like the clappers’).

Carrying on this simple method of comparison, Ryco Air Filters are imploring anyone that cares about their vehicle to rethink the importance of the air filter, or, ‘the lungs’ of their vehicles engine.

“A pretty alarming number of people think that air filters are the least important filter in a vehicle, but they couldn’t be more wrong,” explains Ryco Marketing Communications Manager, Melissa Simpson. “Poor or unfiltered air in your engine can cause inducted contamination that leads to excessive engine wear – plus all sorts of other expensive issues.

“We’re all aware that the Australian climate is dusty and abrasive,” Melissa added. “But, what many of us aren’t aware of is that this dust is made up of silica-based particles – one of the most abrasive particles on the planet.”

Partner this idea with the fact that enough air (thus, dust) to fill the size of a suburban house passes through our air filters every 10 minutes, and, like the body’s lungs struggling to breathe, the air intake is restricted.

Ryco Air Filters are constructed with these crucial factors in mind, being made and tested for uniquely Australian conditions. All Ryco filters are designed with an intended flow direction to trap and retain dust particles.

Meeting OE specifications, they ensure efficiency, life and flow, striking a perfect balance of neither too much nor too little restriction.  

“High quality filters, such as the range that we provide at Ryco supply the customer with a huge amount of benefits that many are unaware of,” explains Melissa. “Some benefits such as better engine protection and performance and better engine air flow are obvious.

“But it’s the lesser known benefits such as the delivery of more power to your vehicle, filter seals not cracking or flexing and saving money on fuel that are the real benefits to installing Ryco Air Filters.”

And it’s true. Across all of Ryco’s air filter range which include panel air filters for modern vehicles, radial air filters for vehicles fitted with a carburettor and heavy duty air filters for 4WD’s and commercial vehicles, the technology Ryco use coupled with a filter change at each service will save 10% on fuel consumption.

Conversely, a poor engine filter will let dirt pass straight into the engine, making the engine work harder, creating more emissions and rapid engine wear.

“When we tell people that they can save up to 10% on fuel consumption simply by installing a Ryco Air Filter, they’re always shocked,” says Melissa. “We just tell them, ‘the air filter is your vehicles lungs: healthy lungs will keep you on the move longer with less stress on the body.”